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Top 5 Fixed Wireless Broadband Myths To Know


For operating any business it is very necessary to be connected to internet 24 by 7. For quick and hustle free environment many users choose to perform the wireless broadband connection. However, there are some myths associated with a wireless connection that you need to know before getting any wireless internet connection.


First myth- Wireless is not useful for urban


It is totally wrong to say that wireless is not useful in terms of deployment under urban areas. There are many proofs available in the market which shows that wireless connection is both reliable and quick in urban areas in terms of quick response and amazing bandwidth.


Second myth- It is less reliable in comparison to wired connection


There are many operational fields in which wireless connection is used by many organizations and they are running perfectly and hustle free. For example in India, many naval officers rely on fixed wireless connection for operating many mission critical information and sensitive data. It is very reliable to use a wireless connection.


The third Myth-wireless connection is slower in speed.


This third myth is totally not worth to say because many industries today use the Wi-Fi devices rather than opting for wireline connection. The speed of connection in wireless and wireline technique is same and it does not dependon the type of connection used.


Fourth Myth- Need to have straight shot with wireless


Today it is not really important to consider this point because the line of sight is not a major issue. There are many technologies available who deployed both non line of sight and on sight environment for many years to ensure that connectivity is available to users all the time without any kind of error.


Fifth Myth –In bed weather wireless antennas blown away near rooftops


This is not true at all because this is another myth of this technology. The wireless antennas stay strong in winds, humidity, and extreme conditions.